Glee Cancelled?!

FOX has cancelled the once popular television show, Glee. Its timeslot will be replaced with Simon Cowell’s new American Idol-esque show, The X-Factor. Social networking sites, such as Facebook and Twitter, have exploded with the release of this information. Millions of fans, affectionately called Gleeks, are begging for the continuation of this musical comedy.
“OMFG I can’t believe it! I’ll miss you and your froggy lips, Chord Overstreet!” declares one fan, @number1_GLEEK.
“Sue and Schue FOREVER!” tweets another, @mrs.schuester29.
Gleeks have taken their anger out on the network, brewing up a strike so fierce that it threatens to rival the Writers’ Strike of 2007 and the Save Conan strike of 2010. Network executives have begun to fear for their lives, with death threats coming in more often than Lea Michele’s solos.
The network promises to finish off the season before ending the show. The popularity of the show, although peaking at this year’s Super Bowl performance, did not equal that of more well-known shows, such as singing competition American Idol.
“Glee, although a fantastic show, only attracts the younger audiences. Its key demographic lies with 11-17 year olds,” says FOX Vice President Gloria Jones. “We want to attract the 18-34 year olds. They watch the most TV. We believe Simon Cowell’s X-Factor will be just the show for us.
Although this was the reason given for the end of the popular comedy, Gossip websites such as TMZ say otherwise.
“We hear that the girl who plays Quinn Fabray, Dianna Agron, is actually pregnant. Guess things got a little too hot and heavy with her beaux, Alex Pettyfer, huh?” dishes TMX reporter Alex Gomez.
Perez Hilton gives actress drama and diva-like behavior as the reason for Glee’s demise.
“Harry Shum, Jr.—otherwise known as ‘Other Asian’—and Kevin McHale (that wheelchair kid) get into fights on a daily basis. Shum teases him because he was in a boy band,” popular blogger, Perez Hilton states. “ An on-set love triangle has emerged between Cory Monteith, Heather Morris, and Naya Rivera. Catfights occur on an almost daily basis. The crew couldn’t take it anymore”.
Jenna Ushkowitz gives other reasons for her departure.
“My character’s name is Tina Cohen-Chang. The only other Asian on the glee club is named Mike Chang. Couldn’t the writers be a little bit more creative? How can you give the only two Asians on the whole cast the same last name?!” she released on her blog. She continues, “And the newest Asian at McKinley, Sunshine Corazon, was shipped to another school! I can’t take it anymore. I’m leaving. This is so racist. I can’t handle those kinds of people around me”. When asked for an interview, Ms. Ushkowitz declined. Actually, she didn’t say anything. We assume that her punching the reporter in the face is her declining the interview.
Not everyone is taking Glee’s departure badly.
“I hate that show. Who decided that high school musical should be turned into a TV show?” tweets @angrychewbacca59. “And I hate that Rachel girl’s face when she sings. It looks like she ate a whole lemon”.
Angry parents are also on the offensive. They argue that the show glorifies things like alcohol and drugs. Recent episodes, such as the alcohol, virginity, and Valentine’s Day episodes prove this.

“No more Glee means no more unruly kids!,” one parent, who chooses to remain anonymous, said.
Whatever the populace feels about the controversial Glee, its fate is sealed: Glee is finished, forever.

Elisha Marquez, Opinion Editor

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